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Case Study – Buying an Investment Property in Canberra

What expats should know about the New Zealand Health System

12 things Aussie expats will love when they return home

what aussie expats love about returning home

There’s a lot to love about building a life in a foreign country, and no doubt most expats will find some aspects of their new country are far superior to Australia. But at the same time, there’s often little day to day annoyances that can build up and leave you hankering for a trip home. […]

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Property investing in Canberra – What you should know

property investing in Canberra

For many years the word Canberra has been followed by a yawn, then associated with bureaucracy and stuffy politicians. However, those times, they are a changing! Would you believe Lonely Planet rated Canberra the third best global city to visit in 2018? The unemployment rate is the lowest in the country and the average weekly wage the […]

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Leave your Melbourne home empty when moving overseas and get slugged with a new tax

Substantial land tax increase for some Australian Expats – Are you impacted?

queensland land tax australian expats

Hot on the heals of capital gains withholding, removal of the CGT exemption on the primary residence, Australian expats are now being hit with substantial increases in land tax.  We investigate who is impacted and how much it could cost you.  For an $800,000 property portfolio you could be up for an additional $12,000 in land […]

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Top tips for Australians moving to New York

Factors Affecting the GBP to AUD Exchange Rate

Factors impacting the Australian Dollar to Singapore Dollar Exchange Rate

factors affecting the SGD-AUD exchange rate

As of 2016, the Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the twelfth most traded currency in the world by value, and remains a popular choice of currency for Australians for both investment purposes and those looking to travel in South East Asia, given Singapore’s location as a travel hub in the region. We have created a short […]

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What is Landlords Insurance and do I need it?

what is landlords insurance and do i need landlords insurance

If you currently own an investment or are thinking of becoming a landlord, it is important to take note of potential risks present in the industry and how to best protect both yourself and your property against these risks. One of the key considerations to make is whether or not to take out landlords insurance. […]

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Tips for finding a good property manager

How to ensure your home doesn’t get trashed while living abroad

how to protect yourself from dodgy tenants

One of my biggest concerns when I first started investing in residential property was that the tenants would trash my house.  And if the first time you rent out your own home is when you move overseas, then the stress could be amplified. In this article, I share what I have learned after almost twenty […]

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Capital Gains Withholding – The costly expense when selling your Australian property

capital gains withholding foreign residents and australian expats

If you’re an Australian expat thinking about selling property in Australia, you’ve probably already got a million things to think about (choosing an agent, agent fees, preparing a house for sale – the list goes on!) let alone the cost of capital gains withholding. But the reality is, without some careful planning, your returns could […]

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Quick facts for Australians moving to New Zealand

Your International Currency Transfer Questions Answered

international currency transfer

For many people, an International currency transfer is a confusing process, with a range of acronyms and words that they aren’t familiar with, and with an uncertain outcome (with fluctuating exchange rates, unknown transfer times, and hidden fees and charges).  So, in this article, we try and address some of the more common international currency […]

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4 tips for buying property in Bali

buying property in bali

Australians are increasingly attracted to living in Bali or retiring in Bali due to its incredible lifestyle and low cost of living.  If you have decided to live or retire in Bali, or decide to invest overseas or invest in overseas property, then the next decision to make is whether or not you should be […]

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Medicare Implications For Australian Expats

medicare implications for australian expats

Medicare Implications for Australian Expats is the first in a series of three articles to help you understand what you need to know about not only the medicare implications for Australian Expats, but also the health insurance implications for Australian Expats.  Just because you are living abroad, does not mean you should disregard the implications for […]

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Should you rent out or sell your home when moving overseas?

sell your home when moving overseas

Moving abroad is stressful enough, and then many of us need to make a decision on whether to rent out or sell your home when moving overseas.  What you should do will depend on your personal circumstances, however we take a look at some factors you may not be aware of.

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